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Why CartRebound?


Abandoned Cart Emails

Let us bring back your customers who add items to their cart and then leave your store, never to return. Our platform keeps track of products added to carts. We then send an email to customers after an hour; then once again after 24 hours when they’ve left your site without purchasing. Optionally, we’ll shoot them one last email after 72 hours, just in case they were still shopping around.

When your customer clicks through from our email, we’ll present them the checkout page exactly as they left it. All their details are pre-filled and items still in the cart (even across devices!). Now you’ve got the best chance of converting them to a sale.

Fully Customisable Emails

We’ve got a full customisation engine ready to go, so your cart abandonment emails can be completely branded. They’ll look great out of the box on mobile and desktop and fit your business brand nicely.

If you need anything more detailed, we’re at the ready to drop in HTML templates to suit your needs.

Pre-built templates ready to go

Use any or all of the information we collect in email template to make it look completely personal.

First name, Last name, Order total are just some of the fields available out of the box. We also display all products that were in the customers cart to entice them back to your store.

Our emails are based off an industry standard guideline to ensure highest levels of compatibility across Gmail, Outlook, Safari, and other mail clients.

Cross-device friendly

Engagement Tracking and Analytics

We track and present to you the whole journey of your customer from add-to-cart to checkout.
This includes the emails we send, when the user has clicked through, and when the user leaves your store.

Data like the typical time of day a user abandons a cart and the devices they use are an invaluable asset when optimising for conversions.

Intelligent Exit

How does it work?

CartRebound is an innovative cart abandonment tool specifically designed for WooCommerce stores.

We employ a few clever techniques to make sure your site visitors remember your store and come back to finish their purchases.

  1. As a potential customer browses your site and adds items to their cart, we record this data for later use.
  2. When your customer enters their address information at checkout, we remember that data for later (it doesn’t reach CartRebound servers ever!)
    This means if the customer revisits from a different device, they’ll still be able to checkout with all their information ready to go. This suits a customer who starts their shopping at work and finishes it at home.
  3. If/When your customer enters their email, we record it for later use.
  4. If the customer leaves your store, we’ll start interacting with them over the next few days to see if they’d like to come back and finish their purchase. The customer may have closed their browser to cook dinner, their phone might’ve gone flat, or they might’ve kept shopping around the internet for better prices. Either way, they’ll be hearing from you and reminded that they started shopping on your store.

We find sending 2-3 emails over the following 72 hours will recover 15-19% of your abandoned carts, increasing your bottom line immediately.